Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving Day

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Another fine day. Only downside: omma didn't really spend it with us. She went out with work friends, so Jake and I picked up nana and went for dins. We went to Big City Diner. Jake was in heaven b/c they had pesto pasta. Dude loves pasta these days. Afters we went to Fun Factory (bizarre place: kids, parents and wanna-be gamblers playing the "betting" games for tokens to "buy" toys); Jake had a blast, absolute blast. Finished up with some frozen yogurt (strawberry w/fresh strawberries and blueberries).

Jake is definitely more contemplative these days and it's cute as hell. You can tell his little brain is working overtime to figure stuff out and he REALLY wants to talk. Oftentimes these days he'll put his head on his hand al la the Thinker and look as if he's just contemplating something. It's priceless.

Song of the Day: Jawbreaker: Fine Day

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Feeling kind of bothered at the moment. No, not at Jake. I DVR'd the US Men's Soccer Match and found out that they decided to move it to another ESPN when it was supposed to air. Really disappointing. Tried to email a complaint, but their contact form is defective. Figures.

Good day otherwise. Ate dins with nana, although she didn't actually eat (ate earlier). Jake was in a pretty fussy mood all day. As soon as he woke he cried and followed by crying about everything that didn't go his way, which he felt was pretty much...yep, everything.
These pictures are courtesy of nana taken on Saturday. Nice pix.

Song of the Day: The Stranglers: Golden Brown

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have to add "Bigaloo" to the list I made yesterday.It's another thing I call him. An offshoot of "Bigs" I suppose.

Word to the wise: Stay away from concentrated high-energy drinks unless you have 5 hours to do something active. I've been running a lot lately and I usually feel pretty tired when I do. I had a cup of caffeinated coffee recently just before running and it was great. I could have ran much more than I usually do. (I, BTW, gave up caffeine about 2 years ago) I've been curious about the energy drinks. So I was at Sports Authority and saw some and decided to try one before running. Didn't do much...until I was done running. I took it at 2 and I'm still feeling it (almost 10 now). The upside is that I was all for after-Omma's work activities. We went to Home Depot, Ward Center, and had dins at Sillawon. I was wired the whole time. I'll most likely not be downing one of the little caffeine concoctions anytime soon, unless I run a marathon.

Song of the Day: Gray Matter: Burn No Bridges

Monday, June 1, 2009


Another day with the Jakers. Although the majority of these daily posts seem to say, "I picked up Jake, we went home, we ate, he slept." The details of that mundane routine are what I never want to take for granted. For example, when I pick him up in the afternoon, he comes running across the room gigging and smiling, saying "APPA!!" He's so excited to see me and he hugs me every time. It is a truly unbelievable feeling. I will never, ever forget it.

So today was a little different. Omma's sick so I took her to the doctor's and to a stomach x-ray test. Even though she was sick, she made us dinner. (Thanks omma!) A positive side of it is that we picked up Jakey a little early. Nice evening at home. Nana came over for a short spell after dins.

Things I say to Jake a lot these days:

-Bigs (what I call him)
-Boozoos (another thing I call him)
-Bigboy? (asking him if he's behaving)
-Wazoo! (an exclamation that I make when I pick him up, he's big)
-Sleeps? (self explanatory)
-Jimmies (get your pajamas)

Hmm. I hope he's literate when he starts school! Kidding, the rest of what I say makes sense...kind of.

Song of the Day: Taken By Trees: Sweet Child O' Mine

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saturday, dinner, Lina, Sunhee, Peter, soju, tired, hoi, Jake, Lina, fun, morning, Ohana Music, nana, botanical garden, picnic, bread, ducks, nap, dinner.Sunday, me, surf, Jake, omma, home, bathers, home, clean, play, Costco, Kate, birthday, Tiki's, dinner...sleep.

Song of the Day: Pigeon John: Hello Everybody

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bub

Better today with me and omma. Sorry again for last night Jake.

Not better in the weather department. Still unbelievably hot and sticky. Hate it.

Picked up the Jakers and we went home where we did our usual routine of sweep/clean up the house a bit after the kitties. They are hairy, especially Sparky. Jake loves cleaning. Nana made spaghetti (aka "basta") for Jake so we chowed down. Afters we went to Bubbies, Jake's favorite new place. It's official, he knows the difference between food and "food." He can't get enough mochi ice cream.

At dins we were discussing whether Jake was smart or not. We-shockingly-think he is. As soon as we sat him in front of the pasta, he grabbed the fork and started twirling it in the spaghetti. Sujin showed him that once and as far as we know, he hasn't seen it elsewhere on TV or some other place. Nana also sings a song with him, something about "ears hanging low" (to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the song, but Jake loves it). There are hand movements for the song and Jake knows them all. He can do the whole routine without help. The reason why we think this is so incredible is obvious, he's our kid, but he also seems a little different. He seems very engaged, connected, aware. Maybe all other 21 month-olds are, maybe not. Either way he's our special Jakey. For sures.

Song of the Day: Guided By Voices: I am a Scientist